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Roofing & Flooring Materials That Last

Your floors and roof are going to take a beating over the years, so it's best to build them right, with quality materials. At Walker Brothers, Ltd. we know just how important these materials are. Count on us for high-quality roofing and flooring materials that are sure to last.

Roofing Materials

You'll find a full line of high-quality roofing materials at our store. We carry Tamko Roofing shingles in all colors, along with all sizes and colors of metal roofing. While you'll find that we carry most colors across most product ranges, occasionally you'll want something we don't have. In those cases, we're happy to special order your materials. We work with both individuals and contractors and can easily handle large shingle and roofing orders for contractors of any size.

Flooring Materials

Your floors are going to take a beating over the years. You, your family and friends, and your pets will walk on them. Children will play on them and furniture will be dragged across them. Our carpet, tile, hardwood, and laminates are designed to ensure a floor that lasts. We have both commercial carpeting for high traffic buildings or plush carpet for your home.  We have a wide variety of tile, hardwood, and laminates to suit any sytle home you build.

We work with installers to help you get the job done, and they can bring your flooring to you if necessary. We stock product from various manufacturers, and we handle all flooring installations, including carpet, tile, hardwood, and laminates.